MRG Labs provides advanced analysis coupled with high value reporting that enables some of the most proactive industrial predictive maintenance programming available.  MRG’s continuous innovation in grease analysis provides unprecedented predictive insight for industrial equipment that relies on grease.  The lab also performs oil analysis activities, root-cause failure analysis, reliability technology training classes, plant audits and much more.

The Grease Thief
MRG is the creator of the GreaseThief, which is compliant with the ASTM International standard for obtaining in-service samples of lubricating grease (designation D7718-11).

The Grease Thief enables advanced testing on grease samples as small as one gram, including: die extrusion, FTIR, RULER, RDE Spectoscopy, FdM+, Colormetry, Rheometer, Analytical Ferrography and Microbial. Providing this proactive analysis of grease identifies certain early developing conditions of wear, mixed greases, oxidation or other degradation modes that reactive bearing damage detection methods, such as vibration analysis, cannot detect.