The dashboard that drives grease analysis


Lubricant analysis is rapidly changing.  In a world of data overload, data is needed quickly and must be limited, but helpful. In order to make grease analysis affordable and valuable, new tools are available to meet both demands. Navigator is designed to let you drive the process of grease analysis making it affordable, insightful and efficient.

Taking The Sample

Taking a reliable sample is the most important part of grease analysis.  Using sampling guidelines outlined in ASTM D7718, we can take a representative sample from a bearing or gearbox with the Grease Thief sampling device.  Using the barcodes in the kits, we can label the sample and enter the equipment information into the Navigator Web App.  Immediately, the lab is notified that you entered the sample information and we are ready to receive your sample and begin analysis.

Tracking Your Grease Sample

Have you ever been on the phone with your lab trying to get answers? Did you receive my sample? When can I see my data? With Navigator, follow your sample in real time, just like following a package you would ship. Upon receipt of the sample in the lab, our technicians are ready to begin work on your grease sample. Running analysis tests per ASTM D7918, our lab monitors for wear, contamination and physical properties of the grease to quickly and reliably gather important information about the grease. This simple screening test looks for signs of grease mixing and ferrous wear. Analysis results are ready for you to view on Navigator within 48 hours of receiving the sample.


Our 100% ICML certified staff looks through the data and adds comments on Navigator so you are able to look through the results and make a decision about further analysis.  If further testing needs to be done, our staff is ready to pull the sample and perform further analysis on the sample. Since the sample has been completely preserved in the Grease Thief from the screening test, the samples can be stored up to 3 months.  Our laboratory has the capability to perform in-service grease analysis tests outlined in ASTM D7918  including Grease Die Extrusion, Metal Spectroscopy, RULER, FTIR, Colorimetry, Analytical Ferrography and Rheology.

Reliable, affordable and helpful grease analysis data is a must in the progressive lubricant analysis world. Navigator to supports the change. Call us at the lab at 717-843-8884 to gain access to Navigator and start experiencing cost-effective power of grease analysis.

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