• Lubricant Analysis for the Pharmaceutical Industry
    With new industry realities and pressures, pharmaceutical companies have turned to operational efficiency as a major contributor to gross profit. This cannot be achieved with failing equipment which ruins product and causes extended downtime. MRG offers a variety of services that prevent equipment downtime and improve operating margins.
    Lubricant Analysis
    MRG provides quality grease analysis that can catch potential equipment issues before they occur. Testing for Wear, Consistency, Oxidation and Contamination reveal grease and component conditions and allow for preventative action.
    Lubrication Program Development
    MRG has successfully developed and contributed to the lubrication programs for the National Institutes of Health, and five of the major pharmaceutical manufacturers in the US.
    MRG has experience consulting with regional pharmaceutical facilities on lubrication training, audits, and lubricant analysis. Our expertise can be put to work in the field, so that rectifiable conditions do not cause unnecessary downtime or rapid equipment wear. Achieve maximal operational efficiency with MRG.