• Lubricant Analysis for the Robotics Industry
    Currently most robotic operators undertake this task based on a manufacturer’s recommended schedule, regardless of whether the grease needs to be changed or not. Often, this means that healthy grease is removed from the robot prematurely, adding unnecessary labor and product costs.
    MRG’s Robotic Grease Analysis Test Slate shows operators the condition of the grease without requiring a full grease change. This allows operators to delay costly and unnecessary grease changes until the conditions demand it. Further, analysis provides early warning of abnormal conditions in the robot. In this way, catastrophic failures and extended downtime can be avoided, further reducing operating and maintenance costs.
    Grease Analysis Test Slate
    MRG’s test slate for robotics is designed to evaluate Wear, Consistency, Contamination and Oxidation conditions of FANUC drive greases. The basic test slate includes:
    FdM+ Analysis
    Die Extrusion
    Grease Colorimetry
    FT-IR Spectroscopy
    Further testing can be suggested upon completion of these basic screening tests including: RULER, Analytical Ferrography, RDE Spectroscopy, Karl Fischer moisture and Rheometry.
    Six-Axis Robot Grease Analysis